Desert spoon really adds character to your garden

Desert spoon The stiff, spiky, blue-green leaves of desert spoon (Dasylirion wheeleri) look almost grasslike—but they’re not. The elegant leaves are edged in vicious spines. In spite of the risk to tender flesh, many dry land gardeners find a place for this desert dweller, which is native to northern Mexico and the American Southwest, because […]

Lilacs are heart shaped beautiful plants

Lilacs Lilacs are a favourite old-fashioned shrub used for cut flowers, hedging, and landscape specimens. Most lilacs have dark green, heart-shaped foliage and clusters of blue, pink, white, or purple flowers in spring. The flowers are known for their sweet fragrance. Plant facts Common name: Lilac Botanical name: Syringa spp. Zones: 2 to 8, depending […]